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Somewhat of a test...

Being brand new to the "blog" function here on Wix and being completely unaware of how the subscription automation works gives me a bit of unrest. So, consider this a test...a test to see what might appear in your inbox, and a test to see if it might appear in your inbox.

All that said, I will not notify you in vain. I'll take this time to let you know a little bit more about why we are doing this whole "Articles" thing.

Stumbling Saints desires greatly to magnify the Word of God through musical worship, but I have felt compelled to pursue offering consistent alternative resources that help to point people to the truths in scripture. This has led to the formation of somewhat of a “writing team” that will produce devotional/informational articles throughout the month with the hope that we can encourage believers and help to build up the church. This first week of articles will be written by myself, Jodie Ryan, and Pastor Dan De Graff and will be focused on the Protestant Reformation. After that, we will be posting at least once a week about various topics ranging from creeds and confessions to current events. We want to bring glory to God and spur the thoughts and affections of His followers upward toward Jesus. Tell your friends, and don't be afraid to send some feedback.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.




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